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Anders Cedhamre

CEO and Creative Director

Phone: +46 (0)709601654
Anders Cedhamre has been a TV executive at Eurosport and Discovery the past nine years, functioning both as Head of editorial and Head of digital. He has a degree in journalism and one in Swedish from prestigious Lund University, along with studying sports journalism and international relations at the university in Madrid. In addition to being with Discovery/Eurosport, Anders has also worked for Aftonbladet, public service radio, Expressen, Viasat Sport and award winning magazine Offside.

As a media entrepreneur, Anders was an early adopter when it comes to feature journalism on the web, starting a long read-website called Sportstory in 2007, the first of its kind in Sweden. He also started Sweden’s first interview podcast for sports when he launched ”Agendasättarna” in 2012. Additionally, he’s written a novel, called ”I äggskalsvita rum”.

Jonas Ahnlund
Jonas Ahnlund

Head of Marketing & Sales

Phone: +46 (0)706509730
Peter Forsberg

Main client